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Hangman FAQs

How tough is The Hangman Ultra?

The route is around 54km on undulating trail, so if you're used to ultra-distance races then this is fairly straightforward. There's a 10-hour cut-off, so you need to average around 5.3km per hour (3.3mph) to finish. That's a reasonable walking pace, so as long as you're prepared to run at least some of it then you should have no problems.

Car sharing to the race

ULTRA is using a car sharing website developed by a runner that aims to save you money, and reduce the carbon footprint of the event:

We would be most grateful if EVERYONE coming to The Hangman Ultra race could try out the site (even if you don't expect to car share). It only takes a minute and is completely free to use. As well as saving you petrol money, it will ease the parking headaches for us at the race.

What is included in the entry price?

Parking at the start/finish point
Tea/coffee after the event
A meal after the event
Finisher's medal (if you finish!)
Staff and first aid medical support
Snacks and cold drinks at CPs
Participation in a fun, fast event!

Will I need to navigate?

The entire route is is on the Test Way, a waymarked trail through beautiful Hampshire and Berkshire countryside. We will further mark the route with tape and signposts where there is ambiguity. There should be no requirement to navigate as long as you can follow markers and finger posts However, it may be advisable to bring your own maps to cover the route.

Mandatory kit

A fully charged mobile phone containing the race director's number
Waterproof jacket
Clothing suitable for a trail race in the UK in August (ie. could be warm, could be cold, could be rainy, could be dry)
Drinks bottle/bladder with at least 1 litre capacity

Recommended additional kit:

Maps for whole route, and a compass
Space blanket or bag, first aid kit & whistle
Some food for the course to supplement checkpoint food.
Any personal medication

Can I leave a bag at the start/finish?

Yes, you can leave your belongings at the race HQ, Longparish Village Hall. There will be someone there at all times, but please don’t leave anything valuable in the bag as we can’t be responsible for any loss. Please label your bag with your name and race number so that we can find it if there is an emergency.

Can I use a GPS?

Yes, you can use a GPS if you wish, the route will be available on request.

Do I have to stick to the race route?

Yes. The race route is by far the shortest/quickest way between checkpoints.

What is the start/cut off time?

Race briefing is at 8:45, after which we will all walk the short distance to the race start point. Race starts at 9am sharp. You must leave CP2 (the halfway/turnaround point) before 1:30pm, which gives you 4.5 hours to complete the first 25km. To receive a finisher's medal you must get back to Longparish and the finish line by 7pm, a total of 10 hours.

What happens if I don’t finish in time?

Please call us and let us know if you're unable to finish in time, and we'll do what we can to help you get to the end.

Are there showers?

No, but there are toilets at the race HQ in Longparish.

Will I need to take my own food & drink?

The checkpoints will stock a variety of cold drinks, and some snacks such as biscuits, fruit, sweets and crisps. However, it is recommended that you carry some of your own food that you would normally eat on a run. You should carry a water bottle or bladder, and this can be refilled at the checkpoints.

How far apart are the checkpoints?

The course is out-and-back along the same trail, and there are 3 checkpoints roughly every 8 miles. CP2 is positioned at the beautiful Combe Gibbet area where you turn around to head back. CP1 doubles as CP3 for the return leg.

What is the terrain like?

It’s virtually all trail of varying type, with some road crossings where care must be taken. Overall ascent/descent is around 688 metres. There is only one real climb, but if you run on trail as a rule there are no real surprises here - just beautiful countryside.

What happens if I can’t finish the race?

If you cannot finish the race, you should retire at a checkpoint. You will be taken back to the race HQ when we can arrange transport for you, or when the checkpoint closes. If you have to retire elsewhere and make your own way off the course you must use your phone to call the race director and notify them of your intentions. Failure to do this could result in rescue services being notified unnecessarily.

Where is the start/finish?

The start and finish are at Longparish village hall, post codeSP11 6PB. There is ample parking nearby. Car sharing is encouraged.

Do we get a meal at the end?

Yes - soup, cake and a hot drink, or something along those lines.

If I can no longer do the race, can I get a refund?

We want to be fair to you but realistic with ourselves. Most of our costs are already spent. Thus we'll offer a 50% refund up to the end of day Wednesday 27th July. After then we'll be unable to offer any refunds.

If you have any more questions, please email

Image of Combe Gibbet © Copyright Brian Robert Marshall and licensed for reuse under Creative Commons Licence.